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The Shed:Heds Project is all about taking Portrait shots of local people, from in and around Prestwick in Ayrshire - in my Garden Shed "studio".

The style varies - slightly - most will be Black and White, some will not.  Most are close-cropped Head shots - some are not.  They are all 1x1 square cropped and eventually will make up part of a larger square picture.


The idea is that I ask people to sit, we chat and relax, and I take photographs.  I may adjust the light slightly..or a lot.  I am looking for expression and most importantly a natural look.  

I don't ask my models to say "cheese".

Once I have edited the photos and selected 1 or 2 portraits of each model, they will be added to the Shed:Heds Gallery.

The Models are able to then download their own portrait from the gallery for free, or can order specially priced prints to be delivered.

There is a separate Gallery for the additional Portrait shots taken on the day - here


If you would like to be part of this Project - and come for your very own Shed:Hed Portrait, please get in touch:


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Shed:Hed John

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